Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Jp Dubois

 Few months after the first scene I was contacted by Eurocreme crew who were interested to do a next scene with me. I'd been a huge fan of Jp Dubois for such a long time and when I was told that my second scene'd be with him you can imagine how happy I was. I believe we did a nice flip fuck.

You can find the whole scene at eurocreme.com

"Sometimes cases of mistaken identity aren’t fun. They can lead to trouble and messed up lives. In this scene with JP Dubois and Lucas Davidson, however, a case of mistaken identity can be humorous and even advantageous! JP is stressed to the point where he needs to relax immediately or he’ll explode. Naturally, he thinks the gorgeous hunk sitting in his office is the massage therapist so he strips down and demands a good rubdown. But Lucas isn’t there for a massage. He’s there for an interview. Being the “roll-with-the-punches” type of guy that he is, Lucas does what JP asks, working his way down to JP’s cock, which is hard and already waiting for some much needed relief! Which begs the question, after all that dick sucking and flip-flop butt fucking, will Lucas land the job he thinks he deserves? Or is he simply going to be screwed, once again, by a potential boss?"

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